Your Hosts


Jib and Teresa Davidson

We hope to make your stay at our home as pleasant as can be.  We live in Gainesville, Fl.  We have been married since 1978 and our love in life is enjoying life.

cell phone 352-538-2266



Island Mate - Jennifer

Your Island Mate, Jennifer, who happens to be Teresa's sister, lives nearby.  She will be at the dock to meet and greet you and show you around the property.  

cell phone 303-809-0493



Island Specialists

Charles and Phyllis are Teresa and Jennifer's parents and live nearby.  They have a vast knowledge of the island habitat, diversity and animal life.  Phyllis enjoy's her all native plant yard and has been featured in local magazines.

If you see her outside, ask for a tour of her yard.  

The sea grape jelly you receive upon arrival is made by Charles from the sea grapes surrounding their home.